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If you've been given a vaccination ultimatum by your employer and you're 55 or older- call us today.

Michigan Retirement Group is not taking a stand on vaccinations. But recently we’ve all seen vaccination ultimatums spread from hospitals to government employees to many sectors of the economy. If your employer has made getting the vaccine a condition of your continued employment and you’re not comfortable with that vaccination you may think you have two options. Get a vaccine…or lose your job. 

BUT… as we’ve said many times on Chris’ show, if you’re 55 or older you may have a third option..









Don't let someone else force you to do something you're not comfortable with.

Call us today.

Everyday we talk with people who are upset and in some cases crying because they feel like they’re being forced to chose between taking the vaccine or losing their jobs. Two options and neither of them are good. They say it seems like they’ve lost control of their lives. 

Many of these people are pleasantly surprised when, after a thorough review of their situation and finances, Michigan Retirement Group is able to tell them they could retire. Avoiding the vaccine and gaining control of their life.

Financial Planners for the Middle Class

The millionaires have all the expertise they need. At Michigan Retirement Group, we like to help everyday people. Because everyone deserves to enjoy their retirement. We’re proud to work with nurses, police officers, custodial staff,  union and line workers at the big three, tradesmen such as electricians, carpenters and drywallers. People who may live in your neighborhood! Most of them make less than a six figure income but we were able to put a plan together that allow them to enjoy their retirement as much as a millionaire. We can do the same for you too!

You retirement date could be sooner than you think.

At Michigan Retirement Group we know it’s not just the size of your assets. Your retirement date is affected by your income, debts, dependents, company sponsored retirement plans, savings, investments and of course what you want your lifestyle to be in retirement.

When we meet we’ll ask a few questions and then listen…a lot. As you describe the variables in your life we’ll be able to develop a program to let you retire as you’ve dreamed of and often date sooner than you thought possible. As we said earlier 70% of our clients find out they can retire before they thought. If you want to work after that date it’s your choice and there’s a big difference between working because you want to and working because you HAVE to.

Single woman, regardless of the circumstance, face a unique set of issues when moving from the workforce into retirement.

As a single women, you have a unique set of issues in retirement. We’ve assembled a team of experts to work exclusively with single women preparing to retire. We’re ready implement a retirement plan that fits your needs. For example…..

Here's Great News for Single Women age 59 1/2 and over!

The IRS recently authorized an option to protect your retirement assets by moving all or part of your 401K, 401B or TSP from your company sponsored retirement plan into your own personal retirement account or IRA. This program, called an In-Service Distribution, is designed to protect the bulk of your retirement assets as you near retirement, while you are still working.


We have options that allow you to benefit when the market goes up and protect your portfolio when it goes down. Your investments grow when the market goes up and avoid the losses when it goes down. Wealth building with no risk.

What sets Michigan retirement Group apart is our team of experts knowledgeable in every phase of planning for retirement. In addition to investment planning our team can help you with Estate Planning, Healhcare/Medicare/Setting your retirement date/In-Service Distributions/Social Security Planning/Retirement Taxes and more.

Fill out the form on this page and let’s find out your retirement date is.

Meet our happy retirees!

Darell and Sharon Barton

Darell and Sharon Barton are amazing people. I have been blessed to work with them for the past 4 years. Darell retired after many years from St. John Macomb Hospital and Sharon, the CFO of the family, has done an incredible job making the decision to retire very easy. It is both a pleasure and an honor to work with such a great family!

Ray and Marsha Wilking

Ray and Marsha Wilking were my first clients from St. John’s Macomb Hospital. Sadly, we lost Ray several years ago but as a result of our hard work and years of planning, Marsha will be very comfortable for the rest of her life. Marsha has an amazing family with a son, daughter and four grandchildren. The Wilking family is very special to me and always will be.

Mary and Ken Couch

Mary Couch and her son Ken have been clients for over twenty years. They are like a second family to me. The Couch family is a model family with so much love and support. I am truly blessed to be part of their family!

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