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Good evening Chris, I don’t even know where to start.  I will start by saying that my two sons, ages 12 and 5, absolutely listening to “Jesus music” on WMUZ.  We listen to it faithfully, and your voice has become a part of our morning routine.   I love to hear them singing in the car when we listen to WMUZ.  2018 has been one heck of a year for us – starting off with our Jeep getting rear ended, and our 5 year old having a seizure within the first week. In February, my husband was admitted to ICU with ketoacidosis due to complications with his diabetes.  This year has definitely been a test of my Faith, and it seems the closer I get to God, the more I guide my boys to Him, the more problems that I experience. I can’t count how many jobs that my husband has had in the past year, since his health is so bad, he can’t hold a job down.   We have talked about filing for disability for him, but we are unable to make it on his income alone.  I just started a new job, after leaving my previous job because the benefits they provided were not only way too expensive, but they didn’t cover his insulin either.  This has really put a strain on our family.  Not to mention our 12 year old has ADHD/ODD/anxiety.  We have been through it and back with him this past year.  I feel as if I’m in the principal’s office with him once a week.   We recently moved to a new school district, and they are doing great with him, but it is still taking a toll on us all – both emotionally and physically.   Just last week, he ran away after i went to work, and my husband laid down.  The cops came and knocked at our door at 10 am because he had snuck out.  I’m at such a loss, I cry myself to sleep, and keep praying. On top of all of that, my landlord told me today that he needs to know when our rent will be paid in full or he will start the eviction process.  We just moved here in June, and although the rent is paid every month, it has been consistently paid, but late. I don’t get my first (partial) check until Friday.  It’s 3 weeks until Christmas – I was already thinking of reaching out to the Goodfellows in my city to at least make sure my 5 year old gets a Christmas, but now I have the threat of eviction hanging over my head.   I don’t know which direction to turn, all I know to do is cry and pray, and cry and pray some more.   I’m trying to be strong for my family. I’m trying to have faith that God IS in control, and will work everything out for my family and I.  I dont want to explain to our children why we have to leave our home, when they should be excited for Christmas.  My 5 year old (Josiah), and I had a talk about it being Jesus’ birthday on Christmas – he said we have to buy him presents and a birthday cake ❤.   Anyway, my point in all of this is…I’ve reached out to my prayer warriors to just lift us up in prayer – not only financially, but physically and emotionally as well.  I know God will work it all out in our good.  Please keep us in your prayers, we could use all of the prayers we can get right now.  Thank you for listening.  God bless you and your family, now and always.


Shearell Papineau

Wyandotte, MI


Hi Chris!

I am sorry that I have not been able to call, on-air.  However, I wanted to drop you a note to show you how GREAT our God is!!!

Not very long after you read my story on-air, my phone started to ring. I don’t know where to start in saying how very blessed my family has been all because of my WMUZ family!!  I not only was able to pay for December’s rent, but most of January’s, and our utility bill as well!  Our brothers and sisters in Christ have also purchased gifts for the boys, and we have also received gift cards in order to buy groceries!  It has brought me to my knees several times, being in awe of the generosity of people whom don’t even know me! Not only have we been blessed financially, and with gifts, but with new Christian friends as well!  Most of all, it has really boosted my faith in God, and has lifted my spirits!   I look back to the time that I was walking in the valley, feeling scared and alone…there looked to be no way to the mountain top.   Then it was as if God spoke to me and said to follow Him, have FAITH in Him, He is my Father and PROVIDER.  Thank you to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ that reached out to my family and I, for allowing God to work through them, to help us in our time of need. These are all God’s gifts, not ours. My prayer is now that I will be able to find employment that will provide financial stability and health benefits for my family, but most of all so I can PAY IT FORWARD, for what God has done in our lives!  I was driving to the grocery store on Saturday, and I saw a car on the side of the road.  A young mother and her small daughter got out, and started to walk down the sidewalk.  With this day and age, I would have normally kept driving, but this time, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and I pulled over and offered my help.  She was on her way to the grocery store when her car had stopped running. I let them sit in my car to keep warm as she called her dad to come get them. We got to talking, and we talked about God!  I assured her, no matter what she is facing, that our God is STRONGER!  When her dad got there, I asked her if I could pray for her, in which I did, and we cried together.  Then, I remembered a Kroger gift card that one of the WMUZ listeners had given me.  I reached in my pocket and handed it to her.  She declined it at first, but I told her, “It’s not from me, it’s from God. He wants YOU to have it.”  The look on her face, I will never forget.  It will always be the look that reminds me to PAY IT FORWARD in God’s MIGHTY NAME!!!!   Thank you Chris, and my brothers and sisters in Christ, who have reached out to us and have shown us the love of God through you all. I pray for the day that I will be able to do the same for another family in need.  I wish everyone a Merry and BLESSED Christmas, from the very bottom of our hearts!

Love always,
Shearell Papineau

Wyandotte, MI

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    This women is my friend but a sinner yes our Lord will forgive her I have no doubt in our Lord. But she did take from many givers that didnt deserve to be taken from. Our Lord always provides and she needs to believe that whole heartedly instead of stealing from her work place in which she claims the insurance was to high but she got fired for stealing. And taking from good Christian people who want to help someone really in need. I believe she owes everyone who donated to her an apology and we all need to pray hard that she gets on the right track of not lying, stealing and tricking others. I love her like a big sister but I cant watch her go down this road and take the boys with her. I pray for her and the boys to find peace, truth and faith in our Lord.

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