Pure Energy’s Offer for WMUZ Listeners

Mention Chris and get triple paned windows for the price of double paned, and when you buy two windows, you'll get one free! This is our way of taking care of WMUZ listeners!

We are thrilled to partner with WMUZ and Chris on The Morning Light!

We know buying windows is a big decision, so we offer a number of reasons to trust your home to Pure Energy Windows, starting with the glass.

Energy Efficiency: Krypton Gas Windows

Pure Energy Triple Pane windows include two chambers of krypton gas. Windows with krypton gas offer multiple energy-efficient benefits to your home:

  • Less heat transfers through your windows keeping your home cool in the summer 
  • More efficient heating and cooling throughout your home
  • Improved sound proofing
  • Elimination of condensation and frost on your windows through the winter months
  • Decreased UV Rays into home thus protecting your furniture and carpet from fading

When selecting windows for your home, consider windows with Triple Pane Krypton Gas. While the price of these windows may be higher than a basic window, the savings on your utility bills with these energy-efficient windows will more than make up for the initial investment.

All of our windows also come with a 50 Year Transferable Guarantee which is why we have thousands of satisfied homeowners all over Metro Detroit.

Fill out the form on this page and we'll come out to your home and give your windows a "no obligation energy audit." In a few minutes, you can see how much heat is lost from your current windows everyday. This is a $300 dollar value, but for WMUZ listeners it's FREE!

Saving You More Energy With 3 Panes of Glass

Our Pure Core Platinum windows are made locally in Southeastern Michigan and feature TRIPLE-pane glass, stainless steel spacer systems, and foam-filled frames to provide superior insulation. We offer 8 gorgeous interior finishes and 17 stunning colors to fit the most popular styles. 

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Saving You More Energy With 3 Panes of Glass

Pure Energy specializes in Triple Pane, Pure Core window technology

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