What do you need restored?
A Happier, Healthier You is just around the corner!

Fighting through chronic or acute pain everyday wears you out. By the end of the day you're worn out physically and emotionally. You can't be there for your family like you want because it's all you can do to get thru the day. At Restore Wellness we're dedicated to restoring our patients health, allowing them to regain a better quality of life with laser therapy. So what do YOU need restored? Our manufacturer-trained staff is ready right now to help you manage your pain from injuries, chronic or acute pain without shots or pills.

Call us at 800-935-5959 mention Chris or WMUZ and set up your free consultation and initial treatment.

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy uses focused light to stimulate a response called photobiomodulation. Photons penetrate tissue and interact within the mitochondria triggering events that lead to a decrease in pain and inflammation as well as an increase in blood flow to the damaged area. The increased blood flow enables the affected area to heal. This treatment is cleared by the FDA giving you a valuable alternative to surgery or drugs for relief. We use manufacturer recommended techniques based on case studies and supported by doctors to maximize your restoration.

We can help restore you from:

- joint swelling
- tendonitis
- chronic and acute conditions
- neck and back pain
- headaches
- tmj
- accerated tissue repair
- faster wound healing
- reducing scar tissue
- improved blood flow and nerve function

Photobiomodulation, with our Class 4 lasers, helps reduce pain and stimulate healing in a number of common diagnoses. Whether it’s reducing inflammation or addressing pain in most areas of the body, it is proven that laser therapy is a non-invasive way to increase patient function.

Laser therapy is the perfect solution to add support to several sports injuries or conditions. From quicker healing times for acute injuries to decreased chronic pain, the reduced swelling and inflammation is the solution to get you restored.

Our goal is to restore function, reduce pain, and speed up healing.

Restore Wellness Center is the largest laser therapy provider in Michigan with 3 convenient locations.

Where you can find us:

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