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Figuring out how to save on your taxes can be a struggle.  How do you know if you’re benefiting from all that the tax code allows?  What are the ways in which you can legally lower your tax bill?  How can you avoid the risk of being audited?  And who can you turn to when you have tax questions throughout the year?  

The answer is to put your trust and taxes in the hands of Travis Bart, Enrolled Agent of TSS Accounting Services.  As an Enrolled Agent Travis has earned the highest credential the IRS awards, and as such, is unrestricted as to which taxpayers he can represent, what types of tax matters he can handle and which IRS offices he can represent clients before.  

Using his 3-step Methodology of Review-Report-Plan Travis can save you thousands of dollars.  Put your faith and your taxes in the hands of a true tax expert, and Chris Stevensons’ tax man—Travis Bart of TSS Accounting.

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