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Don't make the $111,000 mistake

The Social Security election process is complex.  Most retirees are misinformed about their benefits—especially knowing when to make their claim to maximize their retirement income!  Being uniformed or getting false advice from well meaning family and friends could make you leave tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars behind.  Mistakes can cost the average household $111,000!  No one can afford that.

Make sure you live a richer life during your retirement—talk with Travis Bart of TSS Accounting.  Travis is a Registered Social Security Analyst, trained and certified by the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts.  He will help you navigate the often complicated and confusing Social Security program to ensure that you get every single penny that is owed to you.

Avoid the mistakes that could cost you Social Securities benefits you've worked so hard for

These are the facts:

1. 96% Don’t Optimize

Very few people get all the Social Security they deserve.

2. $111,000 Is Lost

The average household is losing $111,000 in potential income.

3. 1 Chance To Claim

Social Security gives you one chance to get it right – forever.

Maximize your benefits

Make sure that you get every penny of your Social Security benefits–talk with Travis Bart of TSS Accounting.  He can help you get up to an extra one-hundred-ten-thousand-dollars in benefits over the course of your life.  Travis is a Registered Social Security Analyst.  He can advise you on the most optimal time for you to collect your social security benefits and he’ll make sure you leave nothing on the table.  He’s been trained and certified by the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts which means he is a know it all when it comes to Social Security benefits.

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Make sure your taxes are done right!

Travis Bart, Owner of TSS Accounting

To make sure your taxes are done right, meaning you’re only paying what you need to pay and you won’t get audited, TSS Accounting uses an effective three-step process.

1. Review

We want you to save tax dollars. Thus, we review a copy of your personal income tax return to determine the most optimal areas for you to obtain savings.

2. Comprehensive Tax Report

Now that we have reviewed your tax return, we provide you with a tax report. This report is comprehensive and lists tax saving strategies that you are qualified to utilize.

3. Planning and Growth

Conclusively, we design a custom plan to suit your short and long term goals. With a plan in place, we work with you to maintain it and adjust as necessary.

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