Whether you’ve never held a firearm or you have a lifetime of experience, you’ll find a place at our counter.

At Top Gun our mission is clear. If you’ve never held a firearm or you’re an experienced gun enthusiasts we’re here for you. We offer a number of classes specifically for beginners even if you’ve never held a gun. And if you’re looking to increase your knowledge of firearms we have classes for you as well. Here are a few of the classes that are designed to meet you wherever your experience level.

Mother's Day Winner

” All my life, my mom has worked full time outside of the home. She works a typical 9-5 office job but she was always there for school events and would even volunteer as lunch mom any time her schedule would allow it. Never once did I feel like I missed out on anything because my mom had to work. Now that I’m grown and working out of the home with three beautiful babies of my own, I never realized how tough it is to balance it all. 

There are days I wonder if I am there enough for my kids despite them being in daycare a few days a week. I wonder if they know how much I love them and miss them when I’m away from them every day. I will think these things, wonder how other moms do it, and immediately, my thoughts are on my mom. She did it and never once did I feel like she didn’t love me to the ends of the earth. I feel like she was able to balance it all perfectly. I’ve always thought that I got my work ethic from her and I hope I get my “working mom” ethic from her as well. I pray each and every day that my kids can feel the exact same about me when they’re older.” – Emily

Updates and Events

A message from Bob Dutko...


We’re excited to let Bob Dutko listeners know we have a HUGE selection of guns AND ammo in stock.

From AR15’s, to hunting guns, handguns and shotguns.

While supplies last purchase a 9mm or a .223/5.56 and you can get up to 5 boxes of ammo!

If you just need ammo COME ON IN we have plenty of ammo in stock for out the door purchases.

If you’ve been thinking of taking a class, whether beginner or advanced now is the time, we have a variety of ammo for all our classes.

If you want some range time come on in! With 30 lanes, pistol, rifle and shotgun, it’s the largest indoor shooting range in Michigan, and we have plenty of room and ammo.

Remember Bob Dutko listeners get free range time!


Largest Indoor Range in Metro Detroit

Can shoot Rifles, Pistols AND Shotguns.

30 Shooting Lanes

Very Knowledgeable, friendly workers

119 Brands Carried

In business over 17 years


  • Ladies receive half off an hour’s range time, all day long.
  • Ammunition must be purchased for rental firearms at Top Gun Shooting Sports Inc.
  • (Additional $6 Fee for second shooter on the same lane)
  • FREE unlimited handgun rentals for ladies
  • New to shooting, we can guide you


  • Anyone 62 yrs or older will receive half off an hour’s range time all day 
  • Ammunition must be purchased for rental firearms at Top Gun Shooting Sports Inc.
  • (Additional $6 Fee for second shooter on the same lane)
  • FREE unlimited handgun rentals for seniors
  • New to shooting, we can guide you

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