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for as little as $90 per month per eye

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You can throw away your glasses forever

Qualified patients can get their LASIK procedure for as little as $90 per month, per eye…or what amounts to the price of a cup of coffee a day. Imagine being able to throw away your glasses or contacts for the price of a cup of coffee.

Make your appointment today by calling 877-U-SEE-MORE (1-877-873-3667), or by filling out the form.

Get LASIK vision correction
Help someone else to see

When you have vision correction surgery at Lake Lazer Eye Center, you also help one person in a developing country to have their vision restored through sight-saving cataract surgery through the Lake Lazer Eye Center’s EYE2EYE Global Initiative’s association with the Himalayan Cataract Project.  Here’s a way to help others by helping yourself.

Your LASIK consult is free. Schedule it below the maps at the Lake Lazer Eye Center closest to you.

Dr. Shabbir KhambatiThere are people around the world who are losing their eyesight because they can’t access the services of a trained, board certified ophthalmologist.  Many times, this is because they’re a great distance from doctors and modern hospitals, or they simply can’t pay the normal cost of cataract surgery.  This will change because the combined efforts of one of SE Michigan’s top eye surgeons and you.

The Lake Lazer Eye Center focuses on helping patients here in SE Michigan, as well as the global community.  Dr. Khambati says that “Our patients are what make our mission work possible, and we want to honor them by making donations on their behalf through our Eye2Eye Global Initiative.”

So for any WMUZ listener who has a laser vision correction procedure at the Lake Lazer Eye Center, the Lake Lazer Eye Center will donate a sight-saving cataract procedure to someone in need in an underserved community around the world through the amazing Himalayan Cataract Project.

When you have your procedure at Lake Lazer Eye Center, you are literally helping to restore vision to someone who is unable to work, unable to see their family, unable to live a normal life due to vision loss.

So I would like to take this moment to thank our patients for supporting this work. I and my team appreciate you, as well as the many people around the world whose lives are being changed through your support.

—Dr. KhambatiHimalayan Cataract Project

Clinton Township

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