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From time to time, we produce webinars for WMUZ advertising partners. It’s an a chance for you, as a listener, to learn more about a particular advertiser — even to meet him or her. You simply have to register for them ahead of time. When you register, you’ll be sent a confirmation email that contains a link to the webinar, and other important information. Make sure you save the confirmation email because it contains a link to join the webinar! WMUZ webinars are limited to 100 participants, so for the the ones you’re interested in, it’s best to register early. If you wait, you might not get in.

FOR BEST RESULTS, we highly recommend downloading the Zoom.us client app ahead of time to the device(s) you plan to use to view the webinar if you don’t already have it. The app is free, and you don’t need a Zoom account of your own.

Joining a WMUZ webinar is easy. Simply click the link in the confirmation email you that will be sent to you after you register (it should automatically open the app, or ask you to download the app if you haven’t). Or, if you have the app, launch it and enter the webinar ID number (9 digits) and click or press “Join webinar”, then enter the password that is in the email.  If you can’t get an internet connection at the time of the webinar, the link also includes a phone number you can use, so you can still listen along. If you’re still having trouble, first try the Zoom.us support page.

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Scott Goodwin, of Goodwin & Scieszka answered listeners legal questions

Scott Goodwin, of the Goodwin and Scieszka Law Center was on-hand to answer listener questions about the law. explained recent changes to Michigan’s no-fault insurance law, and what the new law means in terms of the trade-offs and other things you’ll need to consider in when you purchase automobile insurance in the future.  Watch the Webinar recording here.

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