If you’re concerned about distance, don’t be put off by our name. If it’s convenient we’d love for you to come to our office. However, if a virtual visit is easier, we can meet virtually or over the phone.

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You know, more than anyone else, how your body doesn’t burn fat like it used to.  Your metabolism has been turned upside down. Well, our Metabolic Turnaround Program turns your metabolism around instead of speeding it up like other programs. We’re also focused on creating a healthy environment for your cells to thrive, so they can hear the hormones in your body.

Our program produces lasting change to your metabolism without counting calories or starving you.

Our team understands what your body needs to lose weight is totally unique…like your fingerprint. So we’ll develop a plan specifically for you using different proprietary nutraceuticals, combined with a list of real food found at any supermarket allowing you to lose weight and inches of fat easily.

As we mentioned earlier at Brighton Weight Loss, we don’t expect you to count calories and we’re not going to starve you. In fact with our metabolic turnaround program, if you’re hungry..YOU EAT!

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"Real people get incredible results!"

Listen to Chris Stevenson speak with Barb about her incredible results! ….60lbs in 3 MONTHS!

As heard on The Morning Light with Chris Stevenson

Hey everyone, Chris Stevenson here.. I’m so impressed by the honesty and transparency to my question about how you feel emotionally and physically if you’ve struggled with your weight. It’s funny how no one likes to talk about such a common struggle (could that be something Satan uses to isolate and weaken us?). It’s amazing how the responses discuss different triggers Covid, stress, abuse etc but it doesn’t take long to see some common threads. Btw, I’ve been sharing a possible solution on my show but I’d love to hear from you. What’s your weight journey been and how have you dealt with it?

Chris Stevenson
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