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Bob Dutko had his estate planning documents done at Wills and Trusts Now. Here he is getting his package from estate planning attorney and Wills and Trusts Now founder Ed Gudeman.

Did you know?

92% of adults under 35 don’t have a will.
Which is a shame because without effective estate planning documents, you’re not guaranteed that your heirs will indeed get what you want them to get upon your passing. Why put your family through probate no matter your age, but especially if you’re young.

39% of men don’t think a will or trust is necessary.
Not having properly prepared and effective documents or not drawing them up at all means an expensive and unnecessary legal process that can tear your family apart when you pass away.

26% of women think wills and trusts are too expensive.
By going to, you can get complete and effective estate planning documents, including a will, a trust, powers of attorney and medical directives at a very budge friendly price.

13% of people think spouses and children automatically receive assets they have.
They don’t – not without properly executed and legally effective estate planning documents. That’s why you need to do what Bob Dutko did, and have create your estate planning documents – NOW!

Because you need a Will and Trust NOW!