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Still doing your estate planning research?

Bob Dutko Then join me at the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, June 13th at 6:30 as I introduce you to Ed Gudeman and his team of estate planning experts at Wills and Trusts Now!!. Of course, as I’ve said on the air many times, I finally (after waiting too long, frankly) had them do my estate plan.  And now my wife and I can sleep well at night know that when the time comes, our final wishes will be carried out and our family will be taken care of, especially if that time comes early.


What excites me about the Wills and Trusts Now!! seminar is how much you’ll learn in a short period of time: why you need proper estate planning documents, what each type is for and how its used, how to avoid putting your family and heirs through a lengthy an expansive estate probate process, and on and on.


The whole thing’s free, but because seating is limited, you must register ahead of time by calling Wills and Trusts Now!!‘s office at 248-546-2800.  See you on the 13th!

— Bob Dutko, Host of the Bob Dutko Show, weekdays at noon on 103-5FM, WMUZ

Get a complete estate plan for the special prices of $1,300 for an individual, and $1,600 for a married couple.

Trust Summary (everything in the Bob Dutko price)

Initial Personal Consultation11
Signing Conference Upon Completion11
Professional Binder11
Will (Pour Over)12
Durable Power of Attorney12
Health Care Power of Attorney12
HIPAA Release Form12
Certificate of Trust11
Affidavit of Trust11
Trust ID Cards12
Trust Summary11
Trust Funding Instructions11
Assignment of Personal Property12
Personal Property Memorandum12
Summary of Names11
Cover sheet for Binder11
Funding Card for reference11
Lady Bird Deed (1 property)11
Please specify you’re interested in the Bob Dutko pricing on a complete estate plan!


Protect your family and secure their future! GET STARTED NOW!

Bob gets his Wills and Trusts Now estate plan from Ed Gudeman Here’s Bob Dutko getting his complete estate planning package from Wills and Trusts Now founder and lead attorney, Ed Gudeman, Esq. Bob’s made sure that when he or his wife passes, his children won’t be forced to settle his estate through expensive and time consuming probate proceedings. The proper and effective documents Bob got from Wills and Trusts Now will see to that.

Because you need a Will and Trust NOW!

Ed Gudeman portrait
Ed Gudeman, founder and lead attorney for Wills and Trusts Now

To start the process of protecting your loved ones, submit the form above, or call


Tragedy doesn’t ask for permission or make appointments

IBob Dutko had Wills and Trust Now do my estate planning, and I want you to have the same protection and peace of mind my family and I do.  That’s why I asked Ed to eliminate the price barrier for my listeners.  To get this kind of estate planning from another attorney as experienced as Ed Gudeman, you might have to spend upwards of $5,000.  But mention me or The Bob Dutko Show when you make your appointment with Ed, the package you see here is yours for $1,600 for a couple, and $1,300 for an individual.

— Bob Dutko, Host of the Bob Dutko Show, weekdays at noon on 103-5FM, WMUZ

There's a lot more to estate planning than just a will

Bob DutkoIn fact, for most people, a will simply is insufficient and will likely cause more unnecessary headaches and expenses, delay in your heirs getting what you want them to and more.  The series of video below, presented by Ed Gudeman, founder and lead attorney for Wills and Trusts Now, will explain what goes into a solid and effective estate plan.  The presentation is divided up into smaller, bite-size chunks, so you can watch one section at a time as time allows, or binge watch the whole thing (all the videos together have a total running time of approximately 45 minutes). Once you’re done with one or all six sections, I encourage you to call Ed at 248-546-2800 or simply use the contact form on this page.

— Bob

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